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A lot has changed for 2024 including a shift in genre from heavy rock to EDM/Dance/Pop/and Metalstep Rock. This is a throwback to our original pop genre focus. Our "heavy" beat and metalstep mix still exists in most of our new covers resulting in an astonishing, unique and super cool sound. And no worries Superfans, we're still VERY HEAVY on most of our new rock ballads (checkout my new ballads below like "Hollow", "Sleep When I'm Dead", "Closure", "Shivering" and "Dark"). I hope you enjoy the new ARYZE. It's different for realz ...kinda like me.

Also, ARYZE (the band) will not tour in 2024 due to the reorganization of several bands and their members. However, ARYZE will continue to produce studio covers as usual. In addition, I will tour solo with Seven Lions during the summer months as well as do some guest performances with several pop orchestras and local groups in LA and Nashville. ARYZE touring should resume in 2025 with a major emphasis on European and Asian venues. Our association with School of Rock will continue for 2024 as well as our charity support for Teen LGBTQ awareness and legal defense initiatives in the U.S and Canada. Plus ARYZE is proud to announce our new venture with Van's Apparel. Together we plan to launch two new campaigns supporting Pacific Ocean preservation and cleanup. Other special fundraising events are planned with Pacific Symphony Orchestra in Los Angeles and Prescott Pop Orchestra (Arizona) for the later part of 2024.

The music on this site has changed its format and will mainly include new ARYZE EDM, Dance, Pop, Metalstep and Emerging Rock Ballads. Other covers, including classic  and traditional rock, orchestral and older ballads as well as older ARYZE and New Rox Review covers will be added back to this website, YouTube, iTunes and Spotify in the next few months. And finally, our Instagram account: @TheRealARYZE will become public very soon. I have new private Snapchat and Signal accounts for those who have access.  

Thank you (as always) for your continued support of not only our music, but our mission and charitable causes as well. Peace and Love. ~Brian


ARYZE Music Productions, LLP

300 S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90071

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